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"Dream Family Home"

Hello thank you for taking the time to visit our Donation page, we had a request from one of our amazing employee Jonathan (Dispatcher), he asked us if we can share is story with all of you and we talked and agreed that this is an amazing and heartfelt story and we should, we know we have amazing human beings that are always willing to help and support our community. Jonathan will share with all of you as this project as it progresses. This is what Jonathan asked us to share for him:

Goal $55,000.00

My Story

Hello my name is Jonathan and I work with EazyCanna, one of the best companies in So Cal. I'm the dispatcher receiving your orders online and sometimes taking calls and answering text messages. This dream home project began back in 2019 after my grandfathers passing, myself and my family (mother & sister) decided to seek for a better accommodation for my grandmother who was bedridden, and after many decisions we decided to invest into getting a lot and building a home for our family. 2021 came and we had saved just enough to get the project started, and sadly my grandmother passes away, and we unfortunately we had to put a pause on the construction and began saving again due to the expenses we had, so we are at 20% of the project and we were now told by our landlord that we have 6 months to move out of the apartment we currently have lived in for more than 40 years because the owner and his investors have a new project coming up. We completely understand and that is the only reason why we are taking this means to ask for your help with any donation you can help us with, We really appreciate all your help and support, even if it's not monetary it can be by sharing this link with anyone that can help. Thank you very much, I will continue to post updates on how the construction is going. Thanks again! (First image is a sample but it will not have those finishing touches)

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Feel free to ask my any questions. Thank you very much!

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