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  • How do I place an order?
    You can do it over our WhatsApp, or by placing an order directly through our website, or via “live chat” on our website.
  • What are your service hours?
    2pm-11pm Monday through Friday, and 12pm-11pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept the following forms of payments for a local delivery order: Cash CashApp Venmo Apple Pay (Limited availability) For an out of state shipping order we are only accepting CashApp and possibly Venmo.
  • Is this service legit?
    Yes, we have partnered with local delivery services in your area that have been in this business for more than 7 years. You wont pay until you receive your delivery, it's that easy! (Local deliveries only) For out of state shipping, once you have paid for the order, we will begin fullfilment and your order will ship out the next business day. After the order leaves our warehouse you will be emailed a tracking #.
  • What happens if something goes wrong during shipping?
    We monitor all shipments that leave the warehouse to make sure that if something happens we contact you as soon as possible. Delivery could take longer than usual in some cases where weather conditions are bad or transit is affected by other road factors, but it will continue to transit to the final destination. If the package is lost in transit, or receives a red flag and it is no longer deliverable we will re-place your order. *Please note that you place an order with us you are responsible for receiving the package yourself, we will not accept any lost package claims if a friend, neighbor or family member received the package. You are also responsible to keep track of when the package is going to be delivered, if the package states delivered on the shipping website, we will not be able to re-place any orders.*
  • Do you have a product in stock?
    The answer is on the search bar, please use our search bar so that you can get the answer you are looking for quicker :D
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